LEAP Camp Internship Program

The LEAP Camp Internship Program is designed to provide leadership and facilitation training and work opportunities to former & current LEAP campers, college students and professional educators who seek to develop their capacity to deliver transformative leadership development and personal growth experiences at LEAP Camp and in their personal and professional lives.  These intensive and demanding internship positions offer people the opportunity to learn, practice and develop their leadership and facilitation skills in several areas of camp operation, from basic kitchen and camp duties to advanced facilitation techniques and curriculum delivery.  Ideal candidates for these positions have already demonstrated an interest and ability to lead others effectively, have experience stepping up and out with a group, and have consistently shown interest in supporting and serving others in their growth, while growing and developing their own abilities. 

When choosing high school interns we prefer campers who have gone through at least 2 sessions of LEAP Camp (one of which is LEAP 4 or 5) because we have seen over time how valuable it is to have someone who has direct experience as a camper, who has worked directly with extended solo time, and who has spent time working to know themselves - in addition to supporting others.

For college students and professionals looking for more experience in this emerging field of collaborative leadership development, we prefer that you have prior experience and skills in a few of the areas camp operation, such as challenge course and group facilitation, personal growth curriculum, primitive wilderness camping, and group leadership before you apply for a internship.   We expect people with significant leadership experience to need a few summers of practice to effectively deliver the LEAP experience.  LEAP Camp group leaders have at least 10 years experience in the field and a few years of LEAP training before they lead a session.  Please do not apply unless you have significant experience in a leadership role in some of the skill areas and can demonstrate competency and provide references.  LEAP Camp Internships are too intensive and demanding to “get your feet wet” in the outdoor adventure and leadership development field.  We recommend first gaining experience in a few of the skill areas (such as leading primitive camping trips, or working on a challenge course, or leading a group through a challenging wilderness experience) and doing significant personal work to have a solid understanding of yourself, as your personal issues will be triggered in challenging group experiences.

Please note that as an intern you will be working and running aspects of camp, while you are supervised and supported, this is a real job not some glorified gofer position, days are long, breaks are short, and expectations are high.   Sessions are often incredibly fun, exciting, rewarding, exhausting, stressful, and blissful all at the same time.  Everyone one agrees that being an intern is much more exhausting than being a participant so be sure you will have the presence and energy – physically, emotionally and spiritually to serve others.   The workload will be as much as you can handle because there is always something to do. 

If you feel you are ready to take on the challenging, demanding and rewarding role as a LEAP Camp Intern AND you can demonstrate significant experience working with others to support their personal growth and group experience (such as in one of your LEAP sessions or other relevant experience) then we would love to receive your application today.

Below is a link for the Internship Application, please print it out, fill it out and return it asap to be considered for the 2012 season.  Be prepared to list what session you would like to intern for and why you think you are a good fit.  To be seriously considered, please be thorough and specific.  Also, you will be required to attend the full staff and intern training June 18-22, 2012 (in addition to the session(s) you intern for) and will need to pay the $275 internship fee to help offset the cost of the training (the LEAP Camp Level 1 & 2 training costs $1000 to non-interns). 

LEAP Camp will offer LEAP Level 1 & 2 Staff Trainings and Certifications periodically for those who are interested in developing their skill level in pursuit of a staff or internship position.

2012 LEAP Internship Application.pdf

Print, Complete and Mail your Application to:
LEAP Camp Intern
2305-C Ashland St. #292,
Ashland, OR 97520